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JUNIOR BIRDMAN Camp Song Chorus: Up in the air junior birdman Up in the air upside down Up in the air junior birdman Keep your noses off the ground When you hear the grand announcement that your wings are made of tin. Then you know that Junior Birdman, has turned his box tops in.* For it takes: 5 box tops, 4 bottle bottoms, 3 coupons, 2 wrappers, and one thin dime! B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d, B-i-r-d-m-a-n Birdman, Birdman, Birdman Buzzzzzzzz! * Alternate Verse When you hear the doorbell ring (buzz, buzz) When you see the badge of tin (tin, tin) Then you know that junior birdman Has turned his box tops in.


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