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JUST ACROSS THE BRIDGE OF GOLD (Andrew B. Sterlin / Harry Von Tilzer, 1905) Once we were poor, mother darling, Cried a sad child one day, Now we are rich but I'm lonely, Longing for sister May Oft in my dreams I can see her, Kneeling beside my bed Where is she now, mother tell me, Softly her mother said: We were so poor little darling, May always loved us so, And when he asked her to marry, She would not answer "No," Her heart belonged to another, From him she had to part, For you and me, little darling, Your sister broke her heart: Just across the bridge of gold, Where the lights are shining bright, Just across the bridge of gold, There's an aching heart tonight; For the sake of those she loved, All her happiness she sold, And tonight we will pray, For your dear sister May, Just across the bridge of gold.


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