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JUST GOT TO HAVE HIM AROUND Redd Evans / David Mann as recorded by Helen Forrest with Earl Hagen & his Orchestra June 16th 1949 Sometimes I love him, Sometimes I hate him, But there's just one thing I've found; That whenever he leaves me, I'm nothin' at all, And I've just got to have him around! My friends ask questions, Give me suggestions To keep both feet on the ground, But I've tried it, Why hide it? He sees through it all, And I've just got to have him around! Oh I can't understand it, He must have planned it To make me love him like this! Though I should go now, I can't say no now, See what can follow a kiss! My mind grows hazy, I must be crazy To let him push me around! But whatever, I love him, I'm his after all And I've just got to have him around! There's somethin' about him, I can't do without him, I've just got to have him around! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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