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JUST KEEP IT UP (AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS) (Blackwell) Dee Clark - 1959 Well, one day baby, You'll be sorry For the way you make people cry It's not so funny Not one bit, honey One day you'll wake up and re-o-lise CHORUS: Just keep it up Just keep it up Just keep it up And see what happens One day you told me Oh, how you told me Things that made me shake inside And then you kissed me, Uummm, oh how you kissed me Then turned around and said you lied REPEAT CHORUS Please stop doin' The things you're doin' I know we can get along Your luck will run out One day you'll see And then your lovin' arms will Belong to me REPEAT CHORUS x3 & Fade (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - 2002)


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