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KEITH DON'T GO Nils Lofgren This is a right-away letter, I've got to mail it today Straight to my main inspirer, says urgent from the USA Its got this heart inside it, the postage is my soul Contains a message from millions, says Keith don't go 10000 guitars wailin', but it ain't quite the same You've got a knack for sailin', and it's stamped with your own brand name We's all sailors, as captain you must know You bring a message to millions, says Keith don't go I said Keith don't go; Don't take my fun Keith don't go; Keith don't go We miss our father Jimi, it's hard to breathe with that loss But I still got you brother, don't nail yourself to a cross I watch you lead the pack, you put the drive into my soul You bring a message to millions, says Keith don't go


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