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KICK IT Bauer / Hill / Vernier as rec by Anita O'Day w Gene Krupa & his Orch June 5th 1941 New York Kick it! Keep the rhythm movin', Kick it! Yes, we're goin' a-groovin', Is everybody stickin'? Oh, kick it on out! Kick it! Pick the nearest partner! Kick it! When you've finished pickin', Ask her if she's sneakin', Oh, kick it on out! When the band begins to rock, And you feel that certain shock, Listen for the double sock, And then together, everyone get ready to; Kick it! Way up in the ceilin'! Kick it! Till you get that feelin'! Then you know you're stickin', You're kickin' it out! Kick it! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2011)


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