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KISS THEM FOR ME From the film "Kiss Them For Me" (1957) (Music: Lionel Newman / Lyrics: Carroll Coates) The McGuire Sisters (Film Soundtrack) - 1957 Kiss them, kiss them, kiss them for me Goodbye my honey though you gotta go now Least I know now I'm the one whose won So if the losers need some sympathy You can kiss them, kiss them for me It sounds kinda funny but I won't be jealous When you fellas, find you're far from home If you need a little femininity You can kiss them, kiss them for me There's safety in numbers, so it's quite okay Kiss the darling day, kiss the blues away It'd sure be the biggest thrill they'd ever had But I wont get mad, 'cause I won't be there to see Make hay while it's sunny so you love me Oh, please if you're lonely I will understand And you'll thank my lips for waiting faithfully When you kiss them, kiss them, kiss them for me Kiss them for me (Contributed by - August 2009)


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