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KISS YOUR LITTLE SAMMY GOOD-BYE Dorr Sillaway Various This is not a time for tears, Let me see your smile - When the twinkle in your eye appears, Well, that makes life worthwhile. Cheer up, girlie, lift your lips, Let me kiss away your sigh - For I must soon be leaving; Good-bye, little girl, good-bye ... (Chorus:) Kiss your little Sammy good-bye - I'm going to go away, But don't you sigh Or don't you cry For I'm not going to stay... (I'm not going to stay very long, so now) Kiss your little Sammy good-bye - Soon I'll be back to you, So listen, Honey dear, it may be a year - Till then ... good-bye. Girlie, I've been called away, And I'll have to go - And the kiss that I receive today Why, I'll remember so. Let me hold you in my arms And caress you, now don't cry - For I must soon be leaving; Good-bye, little girl, good-bye. (Chorus) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - July 2010)


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