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LEAVE IT TO JANE From the Broadway Show "Leave It To Jane" (1917) (Jerome Kern / P.G. Wodehouse) Edith Hallor, Oscar Shaw & Ann Orr (Broadway Production) - 1917 June Allyson (feat. in the film "Till The Clouds Roll By" - 1946 Jeanne Allen, Angelo Mango & Kathleen Murray (Off-Broadway Prod.) - 1959 Leave it to Jane, Jane, Jane I don't know why you should make me Ask of a plan from you She is the girl with brains I've always tried to do Every thing I can for you No problem you can wish On her, gives her a strain She'll tackle many a storm, and daily If something is on your mind And I can see that there is Not a doubt of it Comfort you soon will find Leave it to me I can get you out of it If you have started worrying Kindly refrain And just hand over the whole thing to Jane (Spoken) Well Jane Why don't you tell us How do you do it? Yes Jane, come on Jane, tell us Oh well, it's really very simple I just study up on the famous Women of history You mean like Lucrecia Borgia? Well, no, not exactly, listen (NOTE: Then she goes on to sing Cleopatterer in the movie)


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