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LET ME LOVE YOU TONIGHT [No Te Importe Saber] Rene Touzet (m) Mitchell Parish (l) 1939 as rec by George Melachrino w The RAOC Blue Rockets Dance Orch 1940's also rec by Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm 1947 Let me love you tonight, Let me tell you how much I adore all your charms. Though you leave me tomorrow, Tonight let me borrow a love song. Let me love you tonight, Let me thrill to the touch of your sheltering arms, Till the scent of the roses Caresses and closes your eyes. Let me kiss you tonight, While the stars in the sky give a heavenly light, so when love is an ember, My heart will remember your sighs. live a lifetime of love in a moment, Holding me tight, Then forget me, darling, Only let me love you tonight! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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