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LETíS SIT THIS ONE OUT (Jimmy McHugh / Dorothy Fields) Eve Becke & Harry Bentley w/ Charlie Kunz & His Orchestra Also recorded by: Les Paul & Mary Ford. EVE (Spoken) I rather like this tune, donít you Harry? HARRY (Spoken) I donít mind it a lot I say, Eve, your dancing is improving lately EVE (Spoken) Oh, do you really think so, Harry? HARRY (Spoken) Well, youíre dancing on your own feet now. EVE (Spoken) Thank you! What a lot of people here tonight HARRY (Spoken) Yes, there are, rather; I was just going to say EVE (Spoken) I hate crowds, donít you? HARRY (Spoken) Mmm, I donít like them a lot EVE (Spoken) Too many people in them, Hmm? HARRY (Spoken) Yes, quite (heh!) Do you think we ought to sit out? EVE (Spoken) I think Iíd like to. Thereíre two chairs over there They look frightfully lonely. HARRY (Spoken) Shall we join them? EVE (Spoken) OK, Iíd love to. HARRY (Spoken) Great. Thatís better. Ooh. Rather hard, would you like a cushion? EVE (Spoken) No thank you, Harry HARRY (Spoken) Or perhaps put my arm in the way EVE (Spoken) I rather like it HARRY (Spoken) Díyou know, I do too Hmm, just a little bit closer Thatís better. HARRY (Sung) Letís sit this one out, my sweet Get a breath of air, and rest your feet My old car has a big back seat So letís sit this one out EVE (Sung) Iím so happy now weíve met Canít we have a cosy cigarette Our last dance got me all upset So letís sit this one out HARRY (Sung) I know in the moonlight Our love cannot miss Give me a kiss One little kiss EVE (Sung) Iím in such a whirl, my dear Canít we find a place with no one near HARRY (Sung) Where youíll say what I long to hear Both (Sung) So letís sit this one out. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - April 2009)


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