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LET THE WORRY BIRD WORRY FOR YOU (Leo Robin / Jule Styne) (Sung & danced by the 4 female leads in the 1951 movie “Two Tickets To Broadway”) Everyone has his share of care and woe Even in Lovers Lane there’s rain and snow We all have to pay the piper So why be a gloomy griper Forget regret, don’t let it get you low, no Let the worry bird worry for you Let the worry bird fuss and stew He’s a wonderful pet And when you get the jitters, he twitters Let the worry bird worry his head Have the time of your life instead What’s a tumble or two As long as you can keep well, sleep well Every cloud is silver-lined, bear that in mind When old man trouble gets tough And the going gets rough Let the worry bird worry for you It’s remarkable what he’ll do He’ll consider it fun to be your understudy So buddy, why should you be blue? Let the worry bird sing the blues for you


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