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LET YOURSELF GO From the film "Follow The Fleet" (1936) (Irving Berlin) Ginger Rogers - 1936 Fred Astaire - 1936 The Boswell Sisters - 1937 Ella Fitzgerald - 1949 Mark Murphy - 1957 Eddie Kendricks - 1974 Tony Bennett - 1987 Susannah McCorkle - 1996 Stacey Kent - 2000 Kristen Chenoweth - 2001 Alison Bentley - 2002 As you listen to the band, don't you get a bubble? As you listen to them play, don't you get a glow? If you step out on the floor, you'll forget your trouble If you start into your dance, you'll forget your woe, so... Come! Get together. Let the dance floor feel your leather Step as lightly as a feather Let yourself go Come! Hit the timber Loosen up and start to limber Can't you hear that hot marimba? Let yourself go Let yourself go Relax and let yourself go, relax You've got yourself tied up in a knot. The night is cold, but the music's hot, so... Come! Cuddle closer Don't you dare to answer, "No sir" Butcher, baker, clerk and grocer Let yourself go


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