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LIFE STILL GOES ON (I'm Lonely) Bachman-Turner Overdrive Standin' in the street, shaved, I'm washed and neat And the time is mine But I don't even know where I'm goin' Been too long in town, just workin' right tied down But I got my pay And I'm willin' to spend what I'm earnin' Maybe over town, where the say love can be found anytime of day I'll be lookin' you know I've been wishin' Need a lovin' face, nice hair, some fancy lace Someone soft and warm Then those nights spent alone won't seem wasted Get me on down, get me into the place Where the beat of the street, and the people that meet Take the blues far away 'Cause I'm lonely, ya baby I'm lonely And life still goes on where I'm goin' Listen Can you hear me now Can you hear me I'm callin' for lovin' Hear me Won't you listen now Can you hear me I'm callin' for lovin'


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