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LIME STREET BLUES (Gary Brooker / Keith Reid) Procol Harum Lime street in the afternoon Everybody crazy as a coon I’m running round in my underpants Trying to find some kinda romance Quarter past three [sic] on lime street I got whipped right offa my feet Didn’t realize that I’d been caught Till I found myself in the county court ’Mr judge,’ I said, ’won’t you please be kind Have pity on me, a poor orphan child? ’ Mr judge he says with a long mean frown ’orphan or not, you’re going down!’ Well I screamed on my knees in the witness box, ’lord have mercy on my golden locks.’ The judge I could see that he was snide He says, ’the only kind of blonde you are’s a peroxide!’ Oh Lime street, Lime street Lime street, that’s where we meet


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