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LINDA (Jack Lawrence / Ann Ronell) Recorded by : Marcus Belgrave; Sam Butera; Jimmy Clanton; Buddy Clark; Perry Como; Bing Crosby; Jan & Dean; King Curtis; Willie Nelson; Ray Noble & His Orch.; Paul Petersen; Jim Reeves; Line Renaud; Frank Rosolino; Bob Scobey; Frank Sinatra; Jerry Vale; Adam Wade. When I go to sleep I never count sheep, I count all the charms about Linda. And lately it seems in all of my dreams, I walk with my arms about Linda. But what good does it do me for Linda doesn't know that I exist? Can't help feeling gloomy, think of all the lovin' I've missed. We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat, I say to myself, "Hello, Linda." If only she'd smile, I'd stop for a while and then I would get to know Linda. But miracles still happen and when my lucky star begins to shine, with one lucky break, I'll make Linda mine.


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