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LIPSTICK, POWDER AND PAINT (Written by Jesse Stone) Shakin' Stevens Chorus: Lipstick powder and paint, lipstick powder and paint, lipstick powder and paint, is you is, or is you ain't. There goes my baby up a tree, a-giggling and a wiggling her toes at me, Let me put my glasses on, Haven't had such fun since she's been gone. Chorus Hound dog scratching fleas, looking like she's in love with me. Licks my hand everywhere I go, I wish my baby loved me so. Chorus Taller than the barnyard, ten feet high, hide me till your man pass by, Don't you sneeze and don't you cough, If you get dusty, I'll brush you off, Chorus What kind of love is that you make, the world starts &-trembling and the building shakes so love me, hug me once again, let the roof and the walls come tumbling in. Chorus Chorus Lipstick, powder and paint.


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