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LITTLE BIRD From Man of La Mancha ANSELMO, PEDRO (two Muleteers) Little bird, little bird, In the cinnamon tree, Little bird, little bird, Do you sing for me? Do you bring me word Of one I know? Little bird, little bird, I love her so, Little bird, little bird, I have to know Little bird, little bird. Beneath this tree, This cinnamon tree, We learned to love, We learned to cry; For here we met And here we kissed, And here one cold and moonless night We said goodbye ANSELMO Little bird, little bird, Oh have pity on me Bring her back to me now 'Neath the cinnamon tree, I have waited too long Without a song. Little bird, little bird, Please fly, please go little bird, little bird, And tell her so. Little bird, little bird. PEDRO, MULETEERS Little bird, little bird. etc. (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - January 2004)


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