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LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW (Chad Stuart / Russell Alquist) Chad & Jeremy - 1965 Little does she know how much I love her Little does she care when I'm walking by Little does she know, but I'm gonna show her I could be the apple of her eye Little does she see when I've been crying And the many times that I've passed her door Little does she know , but I'll keep on trying To make her see it's me she's looking for And ev'rywhere that she goes you can be sure that I Am gonna be there too That girl has gotta see how much she means to me And that my love is true Little does she hear the things I'm saying I tell all my friends that she's oh so fine Little does she know, but I'll go on praying Some day soon I'm gonna make her mine (Contributed by EUROPEAN OLDIES - August 2006)


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