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THE LITTLE THINGS IN TEXAS (Richard Rodgers (m) / Oscar Hammerstein II (l) ) Lyrics as sung by Alice Faye and Tom Ewell in the original soundtrack of State Fair 1962 Also sung by Mike Sammes Singers [Ewell] Deep in the heart of you know what Is the biggest rose that grows Size isn't what my girl has got [Faye] But a rose is a rose is a rose. [Ewell] Say that's cute! [Ewell] It's the little things in Texas I love There's a girl with a very small waist Who gives me a very small squeeze But oh, her heart is big as Texas [Faye] Not here. [Ewell] Why not? [Faye] It's the little things in Texas I love When we go for a very small walk Our talk is a very small talk [Ewell] And somehow we don't talk of Texas. [Ewell] This girl is full of graces She's cute in all the right places [Faye] And who needs great big spaces [Ewell] Whee... I drew four aces. [Ewell] One little thing in Texas adores me And it's the little things in Texas I love. (bridge) [Faye] It's the little things in Texas I love When the night starts a-comin' along A bird sings a very sad song And nothin' sweeter north of Texas. It's the little things in Texas I love There's a man with a very small reach Who's hug I consider a peach [Ewell] In fact, the best from Maine to Texas. [Chorus] He says he's not a fossil That doesn't push or jostle He's darling but not docile Whee The kid's colossal. [Faye and Ewell and Chorus] One little thing in Texas adores me And it's the little things in Texas... [Chorus] The little things in Texas... [Faye and Ewell and Chorus] The little things in Texas I love. Notes: Alice Faye, an American from New York City, was an actress and known for her notably sweet contralto. Tom Ewell, also an American from Kentucky, was perhaps most recognizable for his role was on Broadway in the 1952 production of < The Seven Year Itch >. He also was cast in many films between 1940 and 1983. The musical State Fair was adapted from a Philip Stong novel of the same name. A number of film versions were created, initially in 1933, then 1945 and 1962. Later in 1976, a made for TV movie appeared. State Fair was finally adapted for a Broadway musical in 1996. State Fair was the only Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ever written directly for film. State Fair 1945 Director: Walter Lang Leads: Jeanne Crain / Dana Andrews / Dick Haymes / Vivian Blaine State Fair 1962 Director: José Ferrer Leads: Pat Boone / Bobby Darin / Ann-Margret / Tom Ewell The original State Fair production in 1933 was directed by Henry King and starred Will Rogers and Janet Gaynor along with Lew Ayres. It was well received at the time, unlike the 1962 musical (from which these lyrics derive), which was deemed by many to be unsuccessful in almost all respects. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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