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LITTLE THINGS (Willie Nelson / Shirley Nelson) Willie Nelson - 1968 Connie Smith - 1968 Liz Anderson - 1968 Johnny Darrell - 1968 Jimmy Dean - 1968 Dottie West - 1968 Jeannie Seely - 1968 Johnny Carver - 1968 Tammy Wynette - 1976 I hope I won't disturb you with this call I'm just in town for such a little while And I thought perhaps you'd like to hear the news Jeannie's grades were the highest in the school Billy sure does look a lot like you I understand your other son does too And Billy said, "Tell Dad I miss him so" These were some little things I thought you'd like to know Remember Sam and Peg who lived next door With them it seemed we always laughed so much Well Sam and Peg don't live there anymore I understand they broke up just like us The house we lived in now has been torn down Of all the things we owned, the last to go A freeway now runs through that part of town These were some little things I thought you'd like to know These were some little things that I thought you'd like to know (Contributed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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