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LONELY TOWN from "On The Town" 1944 musical New York Leonard Bernstein (m) Betty Comden (l) Adolph Green (l) 1944 as recorded by Frank Sinatra with Gordon Jenkins & his Orchestra April 29th 1957 Los Angeles New York New York, or a village in Iowa, The only difference is the name! If you're alone, whether on Main Street or Broadway, If you're alone they are both the same! A town's a lonely town when you pass through, And there is no-one waiting there for you. Then it's a lonely town; You wander up and down, The crowds rush by, A million faces pass before your eyes, Still it's a lonely town! Unless there's love, A love that's shining Like a harbour light, You're lost in the night. Unless there's love, The world's an empty place, And every town's a lonely town! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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