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LONG DISTANCE LOVE (Lowell George) Little Feat Ah, hello...Give me missing persons, they said What is it that you need? I said oh, I need her so...She said you've Got to stop your pleading 'Cause no matter what you do, Even pray to heaven above, ooh All you'll ever get from her is Long distance love I read the papers And I got the blues I'm so sad to hear the news Help wanted, but not enough You know these times are gettin' rough 'cause no matter what Ido Even pray to heaven above All I ever get from her is long distance love Woo-oh-ah-ha You know her toes were so pretty And her life so sweet I wonder do she know Do she she know she hurt me so 'cause no matter what I do I even pray to heaven above All I seem to get from her is Long distance love Long distance love (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - November 2002)


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