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LONG GONE (Burton Cummings / Domenic Troiano) The Guess Who Also recorded by : Flavours Who in the Hell are you to criticize Every day and every night youíre just a drag Youíve been long gone, long gone... You are working from a point of depression Isnít it amazing when you find youíre slipping Youíve been long gone, long gone... I guess youíve always been a power-hungry specimen You were raised with rank in mind Iíd gladly give away everything Iíve ever owned For the chance to stab you from behind Cause Iím tired of what youíre saying Itís not worth the paper itís printed on It just doesnít cut it anymore. Each time the sun greets the new dawning Iíll try to kick you while youíre down Welcome to the Kingdom of Hatred Youíll find out soon that I wear the crown. Iím tired of what you been sayiní Itís not worth the time to discuss it You just donít cut it anymore. Who in the Hell are you to criticize Youíre still learning how to form an opinion Youíve been long gone, long gone...


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