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LONG LIVE THE LADIES (Words by Joe Young, E. Ray Goetz / Music by Geo. W. Meyer, 1916) Oh, bring on the ladies, "Hurry up," said Willie Snow, Go, bring on the ladies, For the party's getting slow; They soon brought up a few, One maid with eyes of blue, Was acting cute and cunning, Young Willie started humming: From the day of dimples, till the wrinkles trace your smile, Mothers, wives and sweethearts, Are what make your life worth while; If it was not for one, You wouldn't be here, son, So bear in mind you've got to, Live your life on this motto: Long live the ladies, May they all live long for me, Long live the ladies, They're as sweet as they can be; Oh, how I love to mix, With a perfect thirty six, If you think the girls are harmful, I'd like to be the pap of an armful, Long live the tall ones, They can never grow too tall, Long live the small ones, They don't have to grow at all; They're life's necessity, Like a lump of sugar in a cup of tea, Long live the ladies, The beautiful ladies for me.


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