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LOST IN YOUR LOVE (Hill / Sinfield) Tony Hadley Beneath the flying stars Myself and sorrowed heart Was rolling dice with destiny We played for state of mind I lost of course and find That half of you is half of me What can I do? What can I do? When I look at you. When I look at you * I'm lost with my heart up in flame With a head of clouds as I call out your name Won't quit when the going gets rough Only one small step from heaven lost in your love Across a darkening world The conversations turn To dream and streams that join and flow Of a shoreline hand and hand Seems the more I understand The less I really need to know I need to know Just let it free then let it flow And as I watch it go (repeat *) But it hurts a little baby See it's getting to me now All this breaking down of walls All this shaking of the tree All in the name of liberty (repeat *) Nah, nah, nah...... (Contributed by Monique - June 2004)


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