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LOVE IS LIKE A CIGARETTE (Walter Kent, Jerome Jerome) Mantovani & His Tipica Orchestra V. George Barclay Recorded 11th December 1935 Also recorded by: Duke Ellington, V. Ivie Anderson K.D. Lang Kip Hanrahan Caroline Henderson Cavan O'Connor Julie Wolf Louis Garcia & His Swing Band, V. Gene Gifford Maurice Winnick Love is like a cigarette You know you held my heart aglow between you finger tips And, just like a cigarette I never knew the thrill of life until I touched your lips Then, just like a cigarette Love seemed to fade away and leave behind ashes of regret And with a flip of your finger tip It was easy for you to forget Oh, love is like a cigarette. (Musical Break) Oh, love is like a cigarette. Transcribed from John Wright's 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2013)


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