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LOVE IS THE ANSWER Todd Rundgren - 1977 Name your price, A ticket to paradise I can't stay here anymore And I've looked high and low I've been from shore to shore to shore If there's a shortcut, I'd have found it But there's no easy way around it. CHORUS Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all, set us free Love is the answer. Who knows why, Someday we all must die We're all homeless boys and girls And we are never heard, It's such a lonely, lonely, lonely world. People turn their heads and walk on by Tell me is it worth just another try ? CHORUS Tell me, are we alive or a just a dying planet ? What are the chances ? Ask the man in your heart for the answers. And when you feel afraid, love one another When you've lost your way, love one another And when you're all alone, love one another And when you're far from home, love one another. And when you're down and out, love one another And when your hope runs out, love one another And when you need a friend, love one another And when you're near the end, love We got to love We got to love one another.


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