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LOVE IS WORTH THE TRYIN' (Chuck Rogers) Jim Ed Brown - 1971 I met her as night was leavin' so the sun could shine She smiled at me and I could see the cobwebs in her mind Since she was runnin' from herself, she had no place to go We spent the whole day talkin' and watchin' flowers grow I learned that she had been in love a dozen times or so The more she tried to understand, the less she seemed to know Looks like love can hardly bloom before it starts to dyin' Makes a body wonder if love is worth the tryin' Then midnight whispered man and woman, you both have common needs And so we shared the warmness there beneath the tangled sheets And just before she fell asleep I heard her softly sighin' Thank you for remindin' me that love is worth the tryin' Thank you for remindin' me that love is worth the tryin' (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2011)


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