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LOVE ME TONIGHT From the Broadway Show "The Vagabond King" (1925) (Music by: Rudolph Friml / Lyrics by: Brian Hooker) Dennis King & Carolyn Thomson (Broadway Production) - 1925 Dennis King & Jeanette MacDonald (Film Soundtrack) - 1930 Earl Wrightson - 1951 Alfred Drake & Mimi Benzell - 1951 Oreste & Kathryn Grayson (Film Soundtrack) - 1956 Oreste Kirkop & Jean Fenn - 1956 Mario Lanza - 1959 Earl Wrightson & Lois Hunt - 1961 Also recorded by: Gordon MacRae & Lucille Norman; Ted Christopher & Julie Wright; London Promenade Orch.; Doris Vane & Harold Williams; John Hanson; ..... and others. Oreste: Love me tonight Now, while I long for you. Jean: Love that in a day may be dying. That sorrow will never renew. Oreste: The hours that we know Measure our dream of delight. Jean: Sweetheart, before they go, Love me. Oreste: I love you tonight! Oreste:Love me tonight(Jean: My heart is crying love,) Oreste:Now, while I long for you.(Jean: For you.) Jean:Love that in a day may be dying.(Oreste: Today is dying) Jean:That sorrow will never renew(Oreste:Tomorrow may never be true) Oreste and Jean: The hours that we know Measure our dream of delight Sweetheart, before they go, Oreste: Love me, Oreste and Jean: Oh, love me tonight! (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - July 2006)


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