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LOVER'S BEACH (Blore / Prior / Testi) The Lettermen This is my dream the one I dreamed that someday you'll share. We're on a beach and we're so much in love the stars stop and stare. Stars have things to do but they stop to look at you there with me, Here by the sea on the beach. And then in my dreams the sea rolls in and kisses the sand, The sky holds the moon and the breeze holds a bird and I hold your hand. Everything is love and we know the meaning of, Something for each on lover's beach. Then you say that you love me, you're everything that is lovely. I want to memorize every kiss, every star in your eyes. This is my dream the one I dream that someday you'll share. What good's a dream when you wake up alone and nobody's there. Come and be with me at that place beside the sea. You'll find love is there within your reach If you'll stay with me on lover's beach. (Contributed by lcooper - March 2005)


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