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LOVE SICK Album : Time Out Of Mind Bob Dylan - 1997 I'm walkin' Through streets that are dead. Walkin' Walkin' with you in my head. My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired, And the clouds are weepin'. Did I Hear someone tell a lie. Did I Hear someone's distant cry. I spoke like a child, you just struck me with a smile, While I was sleepin'. I'm sick of love, And I'm in the thick of it. This kind of love, I'm so sick of it. I see I see lovers in the meadow. I see I see sillouettes in the window. I watched them 'till they're gone and they leave me hangin' on, To a shadow. I'm sick of love, I hear the clock tick. This kind of love, I'm lovesick. Sometimes The silence can be like - thunder. Sometimes I wanna take to the road and - plunder. Could you ever be true, I think of you, And I wonder. I'm sick of love,I wish I never met you. I'm sick of love, I'm tryin' to forget you. Just don't know what to do, I'd give anything to Be with you.


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