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LOVE TO BURN (Rodney Crowell, Will Jennings, Hank DeVito) Rodney Crowell et. al. You know I love you baby you know I need you too The life I lead is all I need to make my dreams come true It was a July night in Houston when first I felt your heat Girl you look so fine in that jukebox line that I forgot I had two left feet You know I want you baby you know I need you so The love you make gives me the shakes from my head down to my toes Your love is something smoking your love is something hot When I feel the storm rolling in your arms I'm gonna give you everything I've got Every beat of your heart is like a bolt of blue lightning You heat up the night like a hot summer wind The taste of your lips just sets me on fire Everywhere I turn got love to burn again I love to please you baby and smell your sweet perfume The way you walk and the way you talk just keeps me on the moon Your love is high explosive there's dynamite in blue jeans Anytime you choose to light that fuse you're gonna blow us all to smithereens Every beat of your heart... Everywhere I turn got love to burn again Everywhere I turn got love to burn again (Contributed by =Ae= - November 2008)


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