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LUCKY BOY From the Broadway Show "The Cocoanuts" (1925) (Irving Berlin) The Marx Bros. & Jack Barker (Broadway Production) - 1925 The Marx Bros. & Jack Barker (Broadway Revival) - 1929 Oscar Shaw & Mary Eaton (feat. in the film "The Cocoanuts") - 1929 Barbara Rosene - 2003 MARX BROS: Your smiling face is an open book young man We know that look young man you must be oh, so happy It's just a case of a love that took, young man There are quite a few who envy you Lucky Boy, she's a beautiful thing Lucky Boy, will you give her a ring? Lucky Boy, we suppose in the Spring You will take your pride and joy on a train And her leather suitcase will contain bits of satin and lace It's as plain as the nose on your face How we envy you Lucky Boy JACK BARKER: I must confess that you pave the way for me You really say for me the things I want to tell you You'll never guess what a lucky day for me When I found that she had chosen me ALL: Lucky Boy, she's a beautiful thing Lucky Boy, I'm as proud as a King Lucky Boy, when I give her the ring Can't you see me jump with joy with a cheer And a "what-a we care" We'll appear in a bungalow where In a year maybe three of us there How we envy you Lucky Boy (Contributed by Mel - October 2009)


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