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LULLABY (Based on Franz Peter Schubert's D 498, Op.98, No.2, Wiegenlied II "Schlafe, schlafe, holder süsser Knabe" - 1816) Paul Robeson - 1958 Baby sleeping, in thy cradle swinging Rocking gently by thy Mother's hand Peaceful slumber rest is bringing Dreams shall waft thee on to Slumberland Baby sleeping, thou my only treasure On thy pillow, rest secure and warm All blessings, all thy treasures Shall be gathered in your Mother's arms Schlafe, schlafe, holder, süsser Knabe Leise wiegt dich deiner Mutter Hand Sanfte Ruhe, milde Labe Bringt dir schwebend dieses Wiegenband (Transcribed by Mel Priddle & Kylie Motxo - January 2017)


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