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MASSACHUSETTS (Andy Razaf / Luckey Roberts) Gene Krupa & His Orch. (vocal: Anita O'Day) - 1942 Also recorded by: Dinah Shore; The Hi-Lo's; Maxine Sullivan; Sally Stark; Andrews Sisters. When the porter yells Massachusetts I'll be there with bells, Massachusetts Homesick as can be, Massachusetts Only place for me, Massachusetts Got a special date With that New England State How my heart will knock, Massachusetts To see Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts Want to roam around, Massachusetts In Nantucket town, Massachusetts I can hardly wait I hope the train ain't late You can't guess how much it means for me to be there Childhood friends and childhood scenes for me to see there `Neath blue skies above, Massachusetts With the one I love, Massachusetts Just like Jack and Jill, Massachusetts We'll climb Bunker Hill, Massachusetts Spread the news around I'm Massachusetts bound (Orchestral Interlude) As you walk to Lexington, you think of glory When those minute men were done, they left a story Where they speak with ee's, Massachusetts Boston if you pleese, Massachusetts Where they can't say can't, Massachusetts And where Aunt meets Aunt, Massachusetts Spread the news around I'm Massachusetts, Massachusetts bound (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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