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MEET ME IN BUBBLE LAND (Casper Nathan, Joe Manne / Isham Jones, 1914) I've been dreaming dreams of childhood, And the games we used to play, When my heart knew only sunshine, That was shining thro' the live-long day. Now I know my constant dreaming, Always takes me back to yesterday; If your heart is yearning, Join me in returning, come, and I will show you the way. You can make this wond'rous journey, Go to Bubble Land tonight, Only you must be real certain, Your heart's beating in a way that's right. Bubble land was made for lovers, Those who'd leave their grieving far behind; There is no despair there, Pleasure's everywhere there, joy's the only thing that you'll find. Meet me tonight in Bubble Land So far away from Trouble Land, Where there is lots of joy That is waiting for each girl and boy. Hearts break like bubbles in the air, But there we'll never know a care; Let all our troubles fade like bubbles, Meet me in Bubble Land.


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