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MIAMI BEACH RHUMBA (Irving Fields / Albert Gamse) Xavier Cugat & His Orch. - 1946 Also recorded by: Irving Fields & His Trio; Klezmer Conservatory Band; Rebecca Kilgore; Edmundo Ros; Tito Puente; William Schimmel; Francisco Montaro; Damiron; Terry Snyder. I started out to go to Cuba Soon I was at Miami Beach There, not so very far from Cuba Oh, what a rhumba they teach Palm trees are whispering "yo te quiero" What could I do but stay awhile I met a Cuban caballero We danced in true latin style So I never got to Cuba But I got all its atmosphere Why even Yuba and his tuba They played a night right here I'll save Havana for maņana Meanwhile I've heaven in my reach I found the charm of old Havana In a rhumba at Miami Beach (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2005)


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