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MILLER'S DAUGHTER MARIANNE (THE) JIMMY KENNEDY & WILL GROSZ BERNIE CUMMINS Old mill goes round in the land where tulips and clogs are found, Old mill goes round To the tale of a miss that her lover couldn't kiss: She was beautiful in her silken shawl She was beautiful by the waterfall as she waited there for her love to call The Millers Daughter Marianne But the wedding bells, they were never rung and her wedding song, it was never sung For her father said she was far too young, The Millers Daughter Marianne. Tulips now are faded still the mill goes on to keep her serenaded Though her lover has gone When the moon is high it is often said you can hear the sigh of the wheel instead, She was beautiful, but she never wed, The Millers Daughter Marianne. (Contributed by William E. Graham - December 2007)


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