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MISS TARA (J.R. Cash) Johnny Cash - 1975 Where are you goin', Miss Tara, Miss Tara Where are you goin', Miss Tara Joan Yesterday when you played on the swing and the trampoline You were already thinkin' of a life of your own And I turn around twice and you're already gone Who will you marry, Miss Tara, Miss Tara Who will you marry, Miss Tara Joan Will he have wealth and will he have fame I'm sure too you're wonderin' just who he will be Well, that's your decision, it's not up to me I hope you'll be happy, Miss Tara, Miss Tara I hope you'll be happy, Miss Tara Joan And that you will stay with me till you are a woman And wise to the world before you're off on your own You're my last baby girl and I'll be so alone (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2010)


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