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MONEY IN MY CLOTHES as rec by The Mills Bros Feb 24th 1934 Los Angeles Money in my clothes, Music in my ears, 'Cause my baby loves me when I've got Money in my clothes. I've got money in my clothes, (money in your clothes) And music in my ears, (music in your ears) And love, oh love sweet love in my heart. (oh, love is in your heart) Now you can have my plough, (you can have his plough) 'Cause I don't need it now! (he don't need it now) And Uncle Israel, take my donkey cart. (oh, he's got your donkey cart) Now I sold my clothes for forty dollars And I sold my corn for less. I'm gonna buy my Memphis gal A brand new Beale Street dress. And then I'm gonna go to town, (oh, he's gonna go to town) I'm gonna mooch around, (gonna mooch around) 'Cause my baby loves me when I've got Money in my clothes. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2011)


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