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MOON COUNTRY (Johnny Mercer / Hoagy Carmichael) Nat Gonella’s Georgians Also recorded by : Dan Barrett; Hoagy Carmichael; Casa Loma Orch.; Jim Cullum Jr.; Rusty Draper; Henry Hall; Prudence Johnson; Mary Ann McCall; Dave McKenna; Ray Noble; Dinah Shore; Carrie Smith. I long for that moon country That possum and coon country That sycamore heaven back south I’ll lose my mind till I get there I long for that old country That good for the soul country With folk cooking things that melt in your mouth Mm-mm when my cousin Cindy Lou Plays a twilight hymn to you She makes that old piano Sound exactly like brand new I long for that moon country That’s where I should be ‘cause that old moon country is home to me (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - December 2004)


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