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MOON SHINES ON THE MOONSHINE, THE Robin Hood Bowers (m) Francis De Witt (l) 1919 as recorded by Bert Williams with Orchestra conducted by Charles A Prince December 1st 1919 New York also recorded by - Ted Lewis & his Band '20 Sidney Phillips '20 The mahogany is dusty, All the pipes are very rusty, And the good old fashioned musty Doesn't musty any more! All the stuff's got bum and bummer From the middle of the Summer, Now the bar is on the hummer And "for rent" is on the door! How sad and still tonight By the old distillery, And how the cobwebs cob In the old machinery. But in the mountain tops, Far from the eyes of cops, Oh how the moon shines On the moonshine so merrily, oh, oh the works! Goodness me, how misery doubles, Ain't one thing to use for bubbles For to drive away your troubles, Now the tide has gone and went! Days and nights are getting bleaker, Shivering for an old time sneaker, Even water's getting weaker, 'Bout one tenth of one percent! How sad and still tonight By the old distillery, And how the moaners moan At the lager brewery. So mister, if you please, Don't let nobody sneeze Up where the moon shines On the moonshine so sillily, so sillily! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2012)


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