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MORNING AFTER Maureen McGovern Thereīs got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night . We have a chance to find the sunshine Letīs keep on lookinī for the light Oh, canīt you see the morning after? Itīs waiting right outside the storm. Why donīt we cross the bridge together And find a place thatīs safe and warm? Itīs not too late, we should be giving, only with love can we climb . Itīs not too late, not while weīre living , Letīs put our hands out in time. Thereīs got to be a morning after . Weīre moving closer to the shore I know weīll be there by tomorrow; And weīll escape the darkness, We wonīt be searchinī any more. Thereīs got to be a morning after (Repeat 8x's to fade)


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