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MR. GALLAGHER AND MR. SHEAN (Ed Gallagher / Al Shean) Ed Gallagher Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer (JM) Oh Mr. Crosby, (Yeah) Oh Mr. Crosby (Ask me son) All the orchestras are swinging it today And I wanted to find out what the noise is all about Do you really think that swing is here to stay (BC) Now Iím glad you asked me Now Mr. Mercer (Yeah) oh Mr. Mercer (Iím listening) Swing is really much too ancient to condemn (You donít say) In the jungles they would play in that same abandoned way (JM) On the level Mr. Crosby (BC) No, on the down beat Mr. M. (JM) Oh Mr. Crosby, (uh huh) now Mr. Crosby (So happy to oblige) Iíve been reading in the latest magazine (Yes) That a jiving jitterbug blows his top and cuts a rug Will you tell me what that language really means (BC) Ohhh. Mr. Mercer (Yeah,Yeah) Oh-ho-ho Mr. Mercer (Tell me, tell me tell me) As a student of the slang they use pro tem (Pro what?) That just means a solid gait cuts a murderisitc plate (JM) Thatís amazing Mr. Crosby (BC) Thatís elementary Mr. M. (JM) Oh Mr. Crosby, dear Doctor Crosby Is it true that swingís another name for jazz And the first place it was played Was a New Orleans parade And the southern Negro gave it all it had (BC) Ohhh! Mr. Mercer, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Mercer. I believe that itís foundation came from them (Are you positive?) Yes they just slowed the tempo down, And then they really went to town (JM) Allegretto Mr. Crosby? (BC) Alligators Mr. M (BC) Ohhh! Mr. Mercer, (Yeah) Mr. Mercer (uh huh) Well I trust that I have made the matter clear (Itís really too clear) So if someone plays a thing Youíre gonna understand the swing And appreciate the rhythm that you hear (JM) Ohh Mr. Crosby (Oh hear me talking to you) No Mr. Crosby, Iím afraid that type of rhythmís not for me I prefer my music played A La Schubert Serenade (BC) Sorta retardo Mr. Mercer (JM) Sorta Lombardo Mr. C. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - December 2004)


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