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MISTER TURNKEY (Rick Evans) Zager & Evans - 1970 Mr. Turnkey, it's ten pm in Wichita Falls August sixteen, nineteen-sixty-nine and I'm in some bar Mr. Turnkey, I need a woman and I'm ain't getting far I never was the kind of man a woman looked for But Mr Turnkey, she looked at me with flirting eyes Mr. Turnkey, she was loveier than oil lights Mr. Turnkey, she led me on, she led me on, She knew she wasn't going to let me love her Mr. Turnkey, there's been a rape in Wichita Falls Mr. Turnkey, I'm sitting here crying in my coveralls Mr. Turnkey, I don't want to be the man I am Mr. Turnkey, I'm calling from block number four Mr. Turnkey, you ain't never seen nothing like this before Mr. Turnkey, I nailed my wrist to your wall, I'm going home Mr. Turnkey, I'm calling from block number four Mr. Turnkey, I ain't got the strength to call once more Mr. Turnkey, I'm crying, hanging here dying Tell her I'm sorry (Contributed by - February 2007)


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