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MU–CHA-CHA From the Broadway Show "Bells Are Ringing" (1956) (Jule Styne / Betty Comden / Adolph Green) Judy Holliday & Peter Gennaro (Broadway Production) – 1956 Faith Prince & Julio Agustin (Broadway Revival) – 2001 The bongos were beating and couples were meeting, The night was a promise of romance, So altho' the lad(girl) was shy, When he(she) caught the ladies(fellow's) eye, He(She) took courage and asked for a dance. (Refrain:) He: Mu-cha-cha, tell me do you cha-cha? She: Me-cha-cha? Senor, si si, cha-cha. He: Now, cha-cha, Please show me how, cha-cha, She: I got-cha, you watch-a cha cha. So, cha cha, away we go, cha cha, He: Hey, cha cha, is this the way, cha cha? She: Ay, cha cha, I'm feeling high, cha-cha. He: Oh such a hot-cha cha cha cha. She: Come a little closer, then a little closer, Then you turn and walk away. Both: Ta ta tum ta ta ta ta ta tiga tiga Tum ta ta ta ta ta tiga tiga Tum ta ta ta ta ta tiga tiga Tum ta ta ta ta ta tiga tiga, He : Come a little closer, then a little closer, Don't go way my little mu-cha-cha, The dance is through, cha cha, She: Now, cha cha, let's have some chow, cha cha. He: Then, cha cha, we'll dance again, cha cha, She: Closer and closer He: And closer and Both: Closer and closer and closer to you, Mu-cha-cha. Refrain ... (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - February 2006)


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