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MUSKRAT RAMBLE (Gilbert / Ory) Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong - 1958 (~ = Bing; L. = Louis; + = group singers) ~Hey now, heh! ~Whatís the reason for this celebration? ~Man, ya look at all those people there ~Hanging round this station ~Say, whatís the big event? +An essential train is coming +On track number one ~Well, itís got to be the Pittzburg Pirates +No, itís more important, son ~Is it the President? +No no no no ~Brigitte Bardot? +No no no no ~Then tell me whoís about to arrive? +Ee-hee! +There he is now, Satch-a-mo and The Dixieland Five L. Oh, look at them shuffling, shuffling down L. A-rambling, scrambling over the town L. Hustling, bustling, buzzing around L. Never saw a bigger celebration ~Oh, look at the train, a number seven-o-nine ~Just a hugging and a-puffing ~And arriving on time ~Changing the town from dead to alive ~Satchmo and His Five L. +Weíre gonna play that Muskrat Ramble tune L. And Mr Bing, the moment that itís played L. You lead us on the big parade ~+Altogether now, one and two ~+Join the happy throng ~Everyone start mushing, swinging the Muskrat song ~+Weíll be singing along L. Oh, Mr Bing, when you sing, thatís the thing we do enjoy ~Well, Mr A, when you play, Gabriel say, Who that for? ~Everybodyís walking, talking L. That Muskrat song ~+While we amble that Muskrat Ramble ~+While we amble along ~Oh, thatís the best parade I ever been on, Satch! L. Natch! You are in New Orleans! ~+While we amble along


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