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MY CAIRO MAID (Words by Bud De Sylva / Music by G. Foster, Chris Schonberg, 1917) Dreaming, I am always dreaming, When the stars are gleaming, of my Cairo maid. I believe she wants me, For her mem'ry haunts me, I sit and pine till skies are graying, saying, Smiling, I can see her smiling, in her way beguiling, as the shadows fall. For the moon above her, Tells her that I love her, And will return o'er desert, swinging, singing, I know a maid in Cairo, In dreamy Cairo, beside the Nile. I know she's yearning, her heart is burning, For my returning, so, for a while, I'll travel upon my camel o'er scorching gravel unto my shrine, Which means, that I'll go to dreamy Cairo and make this Cairo maiden mine.


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