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MY GRANDFATHER'S GIRL (Words and Music By: Will A. Dillon, 1916) I love her, I love her, and always will, my grandmother dear, I can see her still. Her old fashioned bonnet and gingham gown, when she rode with dear old grandpa into town. Though she was eighty-two, he loved her fond and true. Who was it, who was it, on Christmas night, that filled up your stocking with such delight? 'twas grandma, 'twas grandma, I know because, she was always a good old Santa Claus. The cakes and candies, too, she'd give them all to you. My grandfather's girl was a grand old girl, and she lived in the house on the hill. My granddaddy first met his first little girl, down by the old red mill. And together they wandered down the lane to the church where she changed her name. A rare precious pearl was my grandfather's girl, yes, she was a grand old girl!


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